My name is Aviral Kumar Goel.

I am a second year Computer Science student at BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa.
I have experience as a Web Developer. I have worked with Image Processing Libraries like OpenCV as well. Currently, I am exploring Machine Learning and particularly Computer Vision through online courses.


My Work

Steering Wheel

Play any car racing/driving game with a physical steering wheel. Built using OpenCV and Python.

Astronomy Club Website

Website built for Astronomy Club of BITS Goa.

Invisibility Cloak

Remember Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter movies? Just hold a red cloth in front of you to experience it! Built using OpenCV and Python.

CSA Times Portal

An all encompassing comprehensive Web portal for students of BITS Goa, delivering latest updates and important information.

Message of Joy Web Portal

An anonymous messaging Web portal for students of BITS Goa, to deliver wholesome messages to each other. Made by DevSoc, BITS Goa.

Rock Paper Scissors

Simple rock paper scissors game made with Flask.
E-Mail aviralgoel2001@gmail.com
Made with ☕ and 💖 by Aviral!